AfroAstroCafe 09/2014

About AfroAstroCafe

AfroAstroCafe is an online magazine created to bring astronomy and space science to a new generation of science enthusiasts and ordinary people. Our aim is to make it easy for anyone to develop and nurture a passion for astronomy in all its variety.

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The scope of AfroAstroCafe covers the following general subthemes:



Slide1 Space Science

This image taken by Curiosity shows the landscape of Mars. It takes many different fields of science such as Astrophysics, Astrochemistry and Astrobiology working together to be able to understand this environment and others like it. The Space Science section looks at progress in many of these fields.


Savanna SkySlide4

The skies of Southern Africa offer great opportunities to view astronomical events. The Savanna Sky section is where these special moments are covered.





How did our universe begin? What will happen to it in the future? Are there other universes? In the Cosmos section, we ask fascinating questions about the Cosmos and discuss the current answers that science has to offer for these question.




Sol section is dedicated to the closest star to earth: the Sun. The Sun is our opportunity to witness and investigate the explosive life of stars close up. In this section we also investigate the celestial bodies in our galactic neighbourhood: the Solar System.




When people connect, amazing things happen. In the Community section, we are connecting around the passion for Astronomy. Find a way to connect and make a difference to your community.